The Soviet


I do not desire to be “cuter”.

… and I really would rather keep my own traits.

… mn, well, there may have been a… better reason… and miss Maria is… technically “mine” now.

Oh, what a shame!  Everyone should desire to be cuter~

Ha ha, perpetually smiling is most certainly not a trait you’d like to pick up! I can guarantee you of that! I still can’t bring myself to understand why westerner’s find it so appealing! [and yet he still does it.]

Maria? …Prussia? The Prussian you told me you confessed to?

Aha! I didn’t know it was possible to get along with them that well! Congratulations, Kolya! [didn’t we just cover that, Ivan—]

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It’s hard to keep appearances, none of you would know, as you barely have to keep them. It’s hard to remind yourself that you’re capable of things, that you are good at the things you do, when all others try to do is stop you from thinking these things. It’s also quite difficult to function as a nation at all when all you seem to have is your own people and distant supporters. Humans, might I add. Humans that could vanish at any moment. Because all the humans seem to do is tear each other apart.

I didn’t choose this, though in all honesty, I couldn’t care less, as you have all mocked me and wanted to see me fall, bar few. Of course I would naturally care more about men that wanted to rebuild the greatness I once had. Your mistakes caused this. None of you are even capable of understanding what I feel. You can’t even tell if I do. I’m a devil with no heart, so be it. I’ll act like that, because your words mean nothing therefore, they should have no effect on me.

Is it any wonder that I don’t give a damn about any of you anymore?

Oh my, Ludwig, as peppy as ever, I must say~

In fact, it seems you’re even peppier than usual!

But the pity card, I never thought you’d pull that one, I admit! It seems rather odd~ A country as strong and almighty as yourself, usually bouncing off insults and threats as if you didn’t even understand them, actually admitting that they get to you~

Fed up? I’d be able to guess why. I can understand that, you may be surprised to know.  In fact, more than you’d probably like to think.

But I’m not here to share woes with you.  I have no interest in lowering myself to the depths of self pity.

You can’t decide what your people do, but you will bear the consequences for it regardless.  Including cruel words and hate from all the countries that your people harm.  By letting that effect you, making you more unfriendly and griping about it so much, you really are proving how young you are~  And making yourself quite a target!

If you believe your country will survive and thrive for ages to come, you may want to learn how to deal with such things better, da~?  May I suggest sarcasm!

Speaking of sarcasm. Oh no, oh no! It seems I gave a lecture to an enemy!  Perhaps I should punch you in the face to make it look like a fight!


Haha! If any of you think I am going to put on a bathing suit, then you are making a very poor joke and I am more than happy to introduce your face to the pavement.


Shockingly, I must agree with myself~

Inconceivable a concept as it is.


… ah.

… my name is Nikolai. [He really hates nicknames—] Do not call me “Kolya”.

I suppose I have been well. I cannot particuarly… complain… one way or another. [Is that a smile on his face.]

Da da, Nikolai! Nikolai!  Though Kolya is much cuter~

And oh~? ‘Well’? Is that all~?  Your smile suggests you’re better than just well~

Unless, of course, you’re picking up traits from me!

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… as well as unreal expectations.

It is perhaps better to not live in a fantasy world when the real world is so much crueler. Too harsh of a wake up call for you.

Nyet, nyet~ I assure you, I am quite in touch with the cruelty of reality; unfortunately.

It would be rather irresponsible of me if I weren’t, wouldn’t you agree~?

But it is certainly not wrong to hope and wish for such things.

Ah well~!  How have you been in my absence, Kolya~?

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…I didn’t need anything…


Then I must admit I’m rather confused~


I am just going to let you keep living in your own little world.

Let me know when you wake up.

Ah, but who would want to wake up~?

Living in my world would ensure harmony and friendship, da~?

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