The Soviet



ok well first of all i think kievan rus’ now lives in ivan’s basement js :^(

it kind of sucked for Rus (or Kievan Rus’) that Lech and Czech got the awesome territory. Here he was stuck in this suckish, snowy hell where he was sure he was going to die. :^( And there would be absolutely NO help from Lech and Czech because they were stupid siblings who were in Lala Land over in their nice lands. HE PROMISED HIMSELF THAT IF HE SURVIVED, HE WOULD TAKE REVENGE….

YEARSLATER. Kievan Rus’ has a son that will soon take his place. He names the child Russia.

“Russia, my son…..” Kievan Rus’ whispered, “you must continue my quest to take revenge upon Lech and Czech, who are now Czechia and Poland…. Do you understand? You must FUCK THEM OVER IN THE UTMOST OF WAYS.”

Russia, who was eager to continue his father’s work, promised himself he would fuck Lech and Czech over.

And that is why Russia hates Poland and the Czech Republic (who ended up having the most suckish locations in Europe in the end, AND their other sibling, Kievan Rus’, ended up having his son become a super power).

“Screw you, Kievan Rus’„„ Screw you„„,” Poland and Czechia whisper to Russia’s basement.

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